Herbs, Herbs, and more Herbs

We are embarked on an exciting 2011 wedding season!! A highlight from our current season is the embracement of fresh herbs in signature drinks. The Mojito was the start of this concept with the muddling of mint. Now we are finding Basil in Strawberry Lemonade drinks, Cilantro in Blueberry Margaritas and Rosemary in Orange Vanilla Cocktails. Not only are fresh herbs making a signature flair this season, but one that adds décor accent to your drink with intense flavor. Enjoy this fresh combination, the accent of some herbs, like Basil, actually make fruit taste more sweet!

Vintage Weddings

The word Vintage to us means Aged and Unique. A great way to create a vintage ambiance is through personally gathered Antiques. A couple of great techniques to communicate this look to your guests

  • At the Guest sign-in table, use ivory lace runners down the table, ivory candles with heavy photo frames housing memorable events throughout your families’ life that are in black and white.

  • The Escort Cards can be displayed on European penciled hand drawn postcards, the picture itself can symbolized the table at which they are sitting.

  • Antique Luggage can act as the table itself with your Guestbook on top.

  • Any Ivory Lace can act as a runner on your guest seating tables and add a dimension to your table top.

  • Antique books can usually be found for pennies on the dollar at many antique stores, these can be unique party favors and set up to create a neat display to your event.

Rustic Colorado Weddings

One thing us natives are proud of is our natural beautiful scenery in Colorado. Using the elements that make this scenery one of a kind are the exact elements that are easily brought into a rustic reception. Simple log accents are an easy medium to use, whether you use our log charger plates, or aspen logs to accent any cuisine station. Pinecones are wonderful escort card holders, and you can find them in your own backyard at no cost, just go for a hike! Smores stations to ignite while dancing time resumes, help with the ambiance by providing campfire smells and excitement.

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