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Delivery FAQs

We have many pre-set buffets based on our chef’s specialties and customer feedback, but also regularly customize menus based on our client’s needs. We cater every day of the week at all times, and above all, strive to exceed our client’s expectations. No matter the occasion, Biscuits and Berries looks forward to helping you find the perfect menu and service style to fit your needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

  • How do I place an order?

    You can place an order by giving us a call at 303.277.9677, through our website ‘contact’ page, or by emailing We are typically in the office between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday-Friday, and any requests submitted outside of business hours will be accommodated the next business day. All orders start as proposals and will require additional communication in order to confirm.

  • When should I place my order?

    We accept corporate delivery business as it comes in- on a first come, first served basis. The more notice you can give us the better, as it allows us to guarantee your delivery and plan accordingly, but we do respectfully request two business days’ notice. In the event of a last-minute request, we will absolutely try to accommodate your order. Depending on the nature of the request, it’s possible that we will incur additional costs related to accepting last-minute orders under particularly challenging circumstances, which may result in additional charges- the nature of which will be communicated at the time the order is placed.

  • Do you have delivery minimums?

    Yes. During the week, we have a minimum order of 10 for all a la carte items, box lunches, and buffet servings. On weekends – the Food and Beverage minimum starts at $450, but is dependent on many factors including seasonality, current and anticipated business volume, staffing availability, etc. The Food and Beverage minimum must be met, regardless of changes in guest count, menu or any other change in event scope. The Food and Beverage minimum does not include the cost of delivery, tax, gratuity, or other fees associated with your event.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    We do not require a deposit for delivery service. For corporate and public entities, we can set up a house account and arrange billing terms, but for private or new business we do require a credit card to be placed on hold to secure the delivery.

  • Can I order multiple buffets at the same time?

    Instead of having two buffets delivered (i.e., the Herb Seared Chicken buffet and Grilled Beef Medallion buffet), we would strongly encourage you to pick one buffet – and simply add an

    additional protein. Having multiple buffets delivered at the same time leads to a poor guest experience, as the most popular items will be eaten first, or you’ll have guests grabbing food from both buffets. This can lead to you running out of food, or leaving the less-desirable options for your guests who go through the buffet later. Should multiple buffets be required – there will be a $50 charge per additional buffet. Additional entrees can only be added on, we are not able to split entrees according to the guest count.

  • What is the delivery fee?

    Delivery fees start at $44.50 for traditional buffet service, $30 for disposable delivery service and $85 for the weekend. The delivery fee can change depending on party size, location, weekday vs. weekend and seasonality. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, typically the only costs associated with delivery catering service is the delivery fee, the food/beverage costs and taxes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote.

  • Do you include gratuity? If so, what’s typical?

    Gratuity is not normally included with our Delivery Service. Holiday’s may be an exception. We work with corporations and public entities who all have different regulations with regards to tipping, and our goal is to be as accommodating as possible in all aspects. Our delivery staff is well trained and professional, and always appreciates gratuity, but it is not expected. Should you feel our staff earned gratuity, any amount is appreciated, but clients typically leave between 10%-20%.

  • What is included with delivery service setup?

    For traditional buffet service, we will provide chafing dishes for all hot food, ceramic platters for cold/room temperature items, serving utensils, disposable ware (plates, forks, knives, napkins, etc.), and linens for the buffet tables are also included. We do not bring tables for the buffet; they must be provided by the venue or client.

  • My guests have dietary restrictions. Can you handle them?

    Absolutely! We are not an “allergy free” facility, and cannot 100% guarantee that a menu item can be completely free of allergens, but most of our sauces are gluten free, and as a scratch kitchen we can prepare food to accommodate your guests. Dietary options can be added or substituted on any buffet.

  • Are there any other costs other than the delivery fee and food?

    Unless there are extenuating circumstances, typically the only costs associated with delivery catering service is the delivery fee, the food/beverage costs and taxes.

  • How do you handle pickups?

    A pickup of our buffet equipment will need to be scheduled for after your event. We will require a two-hour pickup window for our delivery driver to come back and pick up the equipment. The driver will arrive anytime between the two-hour window. For breakfast pickups, we ask for a later or longer window, as our peak delivery hours are between 10am-1pm, and want to make sure you and all other clients are being accommodated in a timely manner.

  • We have extra food. Can I take the leftovers?

    We don’t typically leave leftovers both for food safety reasons and because of the likelihood that leftover food doesn’t meet the quality standards we take so seriously- as such, we cannot guarantee the packaging of leftovers. If your Biscuits driver determines any extra food is safe to package up, they may do so only at their discretion.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online, by calling us at 303.277.9677, or you can request a credit card authorization form be sent to you via email that you can fill out and return to us. We do accept checks as well, but request that you notify us of your intent so we can let our accounts payables know. For corporate and public entities, we can set up a house account and arrange billing terms, but for those without an approved account, we do require a credit card to be placed on hold to secure the delivery.

  • How do I confirm a delivery order?

    In order to confirm, we will need our delivery terms and conditions signed. We also need a credit card on file in. The card on file is charged in full the business day prior to the event date, unless other payment terms have been previously arranged. The contract and credit card are only to confirm our services, you will still be able to make changes to the order up until two business days prior to the event date. We do not require a deposit for our delivery service. Once we have your credit card on file, we keep it on file for all future events unless it is requested to remove. Our terms and conditions contract will need to be signed per delivery.

  • I need to change my order after it was confirmed. Is that possible?

    We understand things change, and it’s our pleasure to modify your order- as long as you’re more than 48 hours from the delivery date. Within 48 hours of your delivery, we cannot cancel, reduce head count or remove items from your menu. In some cases however, we can increase the guest count or add menu items. Please contact us immediately at 303.277.9677 so we can assist you.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    In order to cancel our delivery service without penalty, it needs to be two business days prior to your event date. After this point, all of the food for your event has been ordered, and our Chefs have started food prep. If you are canceling within the two business days to the event, you will be responsible for the cost of food from your order. If you are needing to reschedule your event within the two-business day mark, please reach out as soon as possible, as we will have to see where our Chefs are at with your food preparations. You may be responsible for the cost of additional food if anything needs to be remade. We cannot accept cancellations over the weekends, as we are not in the office.

  • When do you arrive to set up?

    Biscuits and Berries understands the importance of timeliness. Generally, we set an estimated arrival time to be 30-45 minutes prior to the serving time. The arrival/arrive by times are an estimated window for Biscuits and Berries to arrive on-site. These times are an approximation and are not meant to be a guarantee given traffic, business volume, etc., and are built in to ensure timeliness regardless of circumstance so that we can have your food set by the serve time. Should there need to be adjustments made to the standard timeline, please communicate that to your sales representative so we can work to accommodate you!

    Because we prepare our meal with fresh ingredients at market price, all menus and menu prices are subject to change without notice, and some menu items may be subject to substitution due to availability.

    Biscuits and Berries strives to exceed your expectations in service, food quality and dependability. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience a memorable one!

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