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Meet Your Team

We Start at “Going Above and Beyond”

Our Staff, Your Team. Get Treated like Family.

As the heart and soul of Biscuits and Berries, our highly-skilled, exceedingly professional team provides the experience, work ethics, genuine care, and unmatched creativity needed to take every event from acceptable to exceptional—and truly memorable.

Deryk Schnepf
General Manager
Andrew Radebaugh
Executive Chef
Bonnie Vidal
Director of Sales
Nicole Jacobs
Director of Staffing and HR
Mike Jacobs
Director of Operations
Paulo Salazar
Sous Chef
Fransisco Garcia
Garde Chef
Ashleigh Groe
Molli Frassato
Morrigan Snavely
Delivery Supervisor
Ashley Arcady
Delivery Catering Coordinator
Kara Holliday
Event Designer
Bree Richer
Event Designer
Lauren Kuhn
Event Designer
Kristin Bigford
Event Designer
Monique White
Event Designer
Jessica Craft
Event Designer
Dana Garrett
Events Manager
Kayla Went
Events Manager
Kent Bowers
Event Manager
Jenn Holmes
Event Chef
JP Plum
Event Chef
Matt Hulse
Event Chef