The Intersection of Business, Ethics and Responsibility

Endeavoring To Be The Best Wedding and Events Caterer in Colorado

With passion and aspiration for excellence in everything we do, Biscuits and Berries’ has always had an unwavering dedication to being “The Best”. That may sound like hyperbole to some, but we’re real people who really care. With honesty, integrity and transparency, we work hard to show clients and lead by example for our co-workers regarding our genuine drive to produce the best events possible. To do so – we must provide incredible food, with legendary customer service, total reliability and consistency, authenticity and heart. Through our relentless dedication to our craft and our commitment to doing everything with care and precision, we believe that our heart is what makes us who we are and what sets us apart.

While we are humbled and thankful for the success we’ve enjoyed since our story began in 1993, being a leader in our industry and truly the best possible company we can be transcends traditional caterer qualities – providing amazing food and impeccable service. We also seek to lead and excel in attributes to allow Biscuits and Berries to be an amazing business, pillar in the industry and leader in the community.


We have been recycling, using 100% wind power, and composting all our organic waste for years! We use compostable and recyclable materials whenever possible. We locally source all food whenever possible, including meats, produce and other services from countless of our favorite Colorado vendors, and believe wholeheartedly in the value of ethically and regionally sourced fare to better serve both you and our surrounding area.

We have developed countless relationships with local farmers and artisans, regularly utilizing products from: B Square Farm, Full Circle Farms, Rebel Farms, Esoterra Culinary Garden, Haystack Mountain Cheese, Tender Belly, Polidori Farm, Continental Sausage, il Porcellino Salumi, Fruition Farms, Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Red Bird Farms, Mountain States Rosen Lamb.

Hazel Dell Mushrooms

Simply speaking, we don’t just “talk the talk”. We’ve endeavored to be sustainable, take care of our environment, be responsible and accountable, and commit to being thoughtful stewards of our community for as long as we’ve been catering. It’s not just a talking point – it’s part of our company culture and ethos, and we continue to seek new ways in which we can serve.

Community Involvement

We believe catering in Colorado gives us both a great opportunity and responsibility to take care of our community. Not only do we “practice what we preach” in terms of conservation and sustainable practices, we view every facet of our business as a chance to do better, give back more and make the kind of impact that truly makes a difference. In keeping with the “practice what we preach” moniker, biscuits and berries donates regularly to many charitable organizations – and in 2019, Biscuits and berries was the biggest fresh food donor to the Denver Rescue Mission, helping feed thousands of Colorado’s most underserved.

Feeding Denver Rescue Mission

Feed The Frontlines – Denver

During the pandemic, we started our initiative, “Feed The Frontlines – Denver”. Coronavirus completely changed the American landscape – and we felt there was an urgent need to do what we were capable of to support frontline workers fighting coronavirus.

Truth be told, we had no idea how incredible of a Response we would receive from our community. Ultimately, we were able to provide 1,450 free meals to 30 separate hospitals, ICU’s, first responder locations and shelters – something we are exceedingly proud and humbled to have started… but we weren’t done there.


Seeing some light at the end of what has been an incredibly difficult tunnel, we felt it fitting to put together a “Frontline Gratitude Gala” – an evening of appreciation and celebration, honoring Colorado’s frontline workers and those who helped support our initiative. It was an incredible evening filled with food and drinks, and nothing but positivity and support and gave us another opportunity to show gratitude for 120 folks representing all of the hospitals and other Frontline locations we had served.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Community

Biscuits and Berries Catering has always consisted of, and depended on, a highly diverse group of people. We grow, achieve and succeed because of that diversity. Those characteristics and attributes that stem from a diverse and varied background give our community strength, and provide a multifaceted and strong foundation on which to build a company.

We are steadfastly committed to equitable opportunity for every current, past and prospective employee. Equal opportunity in employment and any additional or ancillary support we can provide our team members with is a core tenet of our business.

Simply speaking, we will be inclusive of, and make accommodations for all people with disabilities both in a physical and intellectual capacity.

In no uncertain terms, we create an environment in which people feel supported and listened to, and are free to and given all support required to do their personal best.


Real, Measurable Impact

  • We aren’t just WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business), 50% of our company leadership is female
  • In 2019, we were the single largest fresh food donor to the Denver Rescue Mission
  • In 2020, we started “Feed The Frontlines –Denver”, and donated over 1,450 meals to Frontline workers during the pandemic
  • We were both green (recycling, composting using compostable products) and 100% wind offset before those terms applied to certifications
  • We locally source all food whenever possible, and ethically and regionally source all food to better serve our community