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Trendy Catering On A Budget – Food Truck Buyer Beware!

Trendy Catering On A Budget

As events trend toward more casual and comfortable experiences, it’s no wonder that we’ve been asked about food trucks more than once! While we love the creativity and excitement that they provide, there are a few things to consider when you’re envisioning a food truck event.

Food trucks offer a trendy aesthetic and easy simplicity for your guests. However, since they don’t provide the coordination and event staffing required by most venues, you’ll likely have to hire a catering company from your venue’s preferred list separately. Since catering companies are also food providers, you may need to order additional food from them- compounding the cost of your event.

Keep in mind too that not all food trucks are conducive to an event setting. Have you ever stood in a way-too-long food truck line at a concert or festival? Imagine your guests spending 20-30 minutes, even up to an hour waiting in line for food at your event. Seems like they could spend that time differently- like partying with you!

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Tell Us Your Vision and Goals – Let Us Get Creative!

Our solution? Some fun, customizable stations that are designed with your event in mind! You can evoke the excitement and uniqueness of food trucks through stations, giving guests options to customize their plates and watch their food get cooked right in front of them! Caterers are used to feeding large numbers of people quickly, so there’s no need to worry about the amount of time it takes to feed your hungry guests. You’ll also receive experienced and professional staff who know the food and how to execute a wedding. Ask about exciting décor options to spruce up your food stations and draw extra attention. The sky is the limit with food stations! And while we love the food truck trend, we highly recommend the more event-friendly option.