Safe Catering During a Pandemic

Pandemic Catering

A year ago, none of us could have predicted the need to talk about “Pandemic Catering”, but then came 2020! No one has been left unaffected by COVID-19. Many have experienced the loss of loved ones, isolation-induced mental illness, and loneliness. But it hasn’t been all bad! The pandemic has taught us to appreciate what we have and to care for those around us. At B&B, we’ve been touched to see people “step up” to help others, and we’re inspired to do the same! In addition to our various efforts to “feed the front line” and give back to our community, we’ve implemented aggressive new standards of sanitation to help keep our clients safe! It’s been tough to see our clients cancel or re-arrange events they’ve been looking forward to for months- especially the weddings! And now that events can happen again, we’re dedicated to keeping EVERYONE safe!

masked servers

Going Above and Beyond – New Safety Measures, Training and Protocols

In July, our entire service team was re-trained on our new sanitation policies, and no employee is permitted to work until they receive COVID-training and pass a food-sanitation course. In addition to typical hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the event, our team is required to wear gloves at all times and gloves are changed between each new task to prevent cross-contamination. COVID-specific sanitations kits are also sent to every event! All of our vehicles and equipment are sanitized before and after every event, and equipment is regularly sanitized throughout the event.

Have you noticed our new logo? We’ve had black B&B masks made for our staff, creating a consistent and uniform look for our entire team. Staff are required to wear a mask from the time they arrive onsite until they leave. When they arrive onsite for an event, our staff are each checked in by a Safety Manager who takes their temperature and asks about COVID symptoms. If a staff member is believed to have any symptoms whatsoever, they are immediately sent home before entering the facility.

Staying Safe – and Socially Distant – While Catering

Of course, social distancing is the new norm. Our staff are required to stay 6’ apart when possible, and we encourage your guests to do the same! We provide signage for our buffets and stations to encourage social distancing. We abide by the regulations set by each specific venue per their county’s guidance. We’ve reached out to each of our amazing venues to get their COVID regulations, and we’ll work with you to determine the best way to set up your space per the venue’s requirements!

masked chefs

Whatever you Need – Safety Always Biscuits and Berries’ First Priority!

Most food-service options are still on the table (get it?). Plated meals are the safest option when it comes to serving during COVID. However, if you envision a buffet or stations, our staff will serve your food (to prevent everyone from touching utensils) and we provide wood sneeze guards to separate guests from the food. When we tray pass appetizers, we provide mini plates to be handed out individually, and we’ll attend your stations to help serve your guests. So design your dream menu and we’ll take precautions to make sure it’s served safely! We recommend renting extra plates, silverware and glassware as they cannot be re-used if guests want another drink or more food.

These are just some of the ways we’re working to make your event as safe as possible. If you’d like to learn about additional precautions or specific regulations, reach out to one of our Event Designers!