How to Choose a Caterer

Event planning can be tough! Whether you’re under the pressure of planning the perfect corporate event for your colleagues and peers, or trying to make your life-long wedding visions come to life, you’ve likely never anticipated the number of decisions you’d have to make! From colors and theme to venue selection and entertainment, you’re hoping to create a memorable and exciting experience for your guests. You may end up vastly over-thinking the intricacies of the day, but who doesn’t love receiving praise over a perfectly planned and executed event?!

While each and every detail of your event speak to the experience as a whole, certain elements are more noticeable to your guests than others. The way to their heart? Their belly of course! Food and beverage are commonly the height of your guests’ experience, and the thing they most look forward to- and talk about! Remember that holiday party with the perfectly themed winter cocktails?! Or what about the wedding with the AMAZING Mac N’ Cheese Bar that you may or may not have visited 4 times… not judging. Chances are you can remember events where the food was either out of this world, or so bad that it required a late-night pizza stop on your way home.

Enter your catering selection. As with all of your vendors, it’s important to find a company whose values align with yours. Decide what’s important to you while searching for a caterer- whether it be food that’s cooked fresh onsite, locally sourced and organic ingredients, striking food displays, sustainability, or professional and attentive staff. Better yet- demand a caterer who’s all of these things!

Then ask your venue, your wedding planner, your colleagues and your best friend’s sister for referrals. Referrals are invaluable- especially from event professionals who have repeat experience with many caterers and can speak to the professionalism and quality of each. Follow various caterers on Instagram and stalk them on Facebook to see what they’re all about!

If you consider food and beverage to be an important element to your guests’ event experience, you’ve found your soul-mate (soul-caterer?). To us, catered food has every right to be as delicious, surprising, and creative as a high-end restaurant. We believe that locally sourced, organic ingredients add to the perfectly Colorado experience you want to provide for your guests. And we’re FUN. Start up a convo with one of our amazing Event Designers. Your search for the perfect caterer may very well be over!