Designer Spotlight: Lauren Basil

I’m Lauren Basil, the longest residing Event Designer at Biscuits and Berries. I’m also a wife, mom of two boys, wine enthusiast, avid décor/trend researcher, wannabe photographer, and event lover! I started my life as a Biscuit in 2011 as a server and bartender. I set ceremony chairs, arranged guest tables, mixed drinks, passed appetizers and (my personal favorite) served brides and grooms on one of the most special days of their lives!

A year into this exciting position, I was given the opportunity to work more closely with our awesome clients as an Event Designer. My love of planning and appreciation of organizing made this role super exciting to me. But my favorite part of my job over the years has been watching a wide variety of visions turn from hopes and dreams to reality. My clients have challenged me with some imaginative, interesting, and at times, crazy ideas. It’s always a blast to pick their brains, expanding my own imagination to create their dream event!

Biscuits and Berries is an extremely collaborative community, and I truly believe that we are trendsetters in a highly competitive climate. After 8 years, our culinary team continues to surprise me every day with their creativity and aptitude for inventing. Our team of event designers re-design and re-invent everyday to stay on top of trends and keep our events exciting!

I consider myself lucky to work in such a fun industry with the greatest colleagues and vendor partners (aka best friends)! Not to mention, I’ve been to more parties and weddings than I can count! As #momlife removes me a bit from the everyday hustle of event design, I’m working towards enhancing our clients’ experiences, creating new designs, and further perfecting our processes to maintain our Best Caterer in Colorado status!

-LE Basil