Hors D'oeuvres

Fresh Guacamole

With Ancho spiced crispy Flour and Chipotle Tortilla Chips
$5.60 per person

Truffle French Onion Dip

Creamy caramelized Onion and White Truffle Dip served with Root
Vegetable Chips
$3.36 per person

Warm Spinach and Asiago Dip

Creamy Spinach with melted Asiago Cheese served
with crispy Baguette
$3.64 per person

Smoked Bison Queso

Bison and Cheddar Cheese Sauce served
with House Made Lime Tortilla Chips
$4.48 per person

House Made Chipotle Salsa

With tri-color Tortilla Chips
$2.80 per person

Roasted Garlic Hummus

With house made spiced Pita Chips
$3.36 per person

Domestic Antipasto Display

Elegantly displayed assortment of domestic Italian Meats
and Cheeses served with Pepperoncini, Kalamata Olives,
Italian Breadsticks and Crackers
$5.04 per person

Imported Antipasto Display

Elegantly displayed selection of artisan Salumis, Soppressata and
Prosciutto. Paired with Imported Italian Cheeses, roasted Vegetables,
premium Olives, Flatbreads and Crostini.
$7.28 per person

Artisan Cheese Display

A delicious selection of Cheeses, homemade
Fruit Condiments, candied Nuts, and English Crackers
Domestic Italian $4.48 per person
Domestic Assorted $6.72 per person
Imported $6.72 per person
Imported Aged $7.84 per person

Roasted Vegetable Antipasto

A variety of Balsamic-roasted Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Olives and
Asparagus. Served with a creamy Parmesan Dip and Grissini
$5.04 per person

Brie en Croutes

Whole wheel of Brie Cheese, enveloped in Puff Pastry and baked golden
brown. Served with assorted English Crackers.

Choose from:

1) Blackberry, Almond and Honey 2) Dried Cherry, Walnut
and Brown Sugar 3)Kalamata Olive, roasted Tomato and Pine
Nut 4)Fresh Basil Pesto and Olive Oil
$6.16 per person

Smoked Salmon Display

Whole side of cold smoked Salmon elegantly displayed with
Apple Fennel Salad, Crème Fraîche and Bagel Crisps
$6.72 per person

Seasonal Fresh Assorted Crudité

Julienne Carrots, sliced Squash, Zucchini, Celery, Bell Peppers
and Roma Tomatoes with Pink Peppercorn dipping Sauce
$3.36 per person

Crostini Station

Thinly sliced Baguette Crostini displayed with the
following options to dress your perfect Bruschetta:
Fresh Basil Pesto, Diced Roma Tomatoes, Olive Oil, and Basil, Olive
Tapenade, and Spicy Artichoke Relish
$3.92 per person

Fresh Fruit Display with Brown Sugar Crema

$4.76 per person


Southern Style Shrimp Profiteroles

Savory Herb Profiterole stuffed with Shrimp, Cheddar and Pimento
$4.48 per person

Lump Maryland Crab Stuffed Crimini Mushroom

Baked with Bread Crumbs on top
$4.48 per person

Shrimp and Scallop Croquette

With spicy Sriracha Mayo
$3.92 per person

Wild Salmon Cakes

With Dill Aioli and Capers
$3.92 per person

Smoked Trout Mousse

Served on a Cucumber Round, garnished with Dill
$3.64 per person

Rock Shrimp Quesadilla

Stuffed with Queso Fresco, Cilantro, and Latin Spices, with Pipian
$4.48 per person

Horseradish Salmon Mousse

In a cucumber cup
$3.92 per person


Spicy Vegetable Potstickers

With a spicy Japanese dipping Sauce
$2.52 per person

Traditional Greek Spanakopita

Fresh Spinach and crumble Feta
enveloped in flaky Phyllo and delicately baked
$3.64 per person

Brie and Raspberry in Phyllo

Soft Brie and Raspberry enveloped in flaky Phyllo and delicately baked
$4.76 per person

Jalapeno Popovers

Yorkshire Popovers stuffed to the brim with
Jalapenos and aged Cheddar Cheese
$3.64 per person

Mini Chili Rellenos

Classic Green Chili Rellenos, served crispy and with a salsa Verde
$2.80 per person

Brie and Cherry Popovers

Yorkshire Popovers filled with creamy Brie and dried Cherries
$3.64 per person

Watermelon Lollipops

Compressed Watermelon with Pistachio and local Feta
$3.05 per person

Caprese Arancini

Tomato Mozzarella Risotto stuffed with Basil,
and topped with Aged Balsamic
$3.36 per person

Roasted Pear in Phyllo

Stilton Mousse with roasted Pears
enveloped in flaky Phyllo and delicately baked
$4.48 per person

Curried Vegetable Samosa

With Spicy Mango Chutney
$2.52 per person

Chicken and Duck:

Sriracha Chicken Wonton

With a creamy Miso Aioli
$2.52 per person

Petite Chicken Quesadilla Cornucopia

With a Chipotle Crema
$4.20 per person

Petite Chicken Potstickers

With a spicy Japanese dipping Sauce
$3.92 per person

Petite Chicken Dumplings

With a Sweet Chili Sauce
$2.52 per person

Jerk Chicken Satays

Caribbean style Chicken slices on a skewer with Mojo Sauce
$2.52 per person

Tikka Masala Satays

Grilled Dark Meat Chicken marinated in savory Spices,
skewered and served with a Coriander Sauce
$2.52 per person

Fried Chicken Satay

Country fried and served with peppered Gravy
$2.52 per person

Sweet Chili Chicken Skewer

Basted with fragrant Thai Spices,
and drizzled with a spicy Peanut Sauce
$2.52 per person

Tiny Chicken Potpies

Puff pastry shells stuffed with Chicken, Potato, Peas,
Carrots, Celery and Onion
$3.36 per person

Chicken Saltimbocca Satay

Sage marinated Chicken, wrapped in Prosciutto topped with Fontina
$2.52 per person

Duck and Sweet Corn Wonton

Served with Apricot Mustard
$4.76 per person

Beef, Pork and Game:

Chinese Mini BBQ Pork Buns

With house made Hoisin Sauce
$2.80 per person

Crispy Pork Potsticker

With a spicy Japanese dipping Sauce
$2.52 per person

Mini Pork and Green Chili Empanada

With Cilantro Lime Crema
$4.20 per person

Short Rib Empanada

With Cilantro Lime Crema
$4.20 per person

Tenderloin and Gorgonzola en Croute

With a Horseradish Crema
$5.60 per person

Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin

Savory Beef Tenderloin wrapped in Bacon and skewered
and served with Red Onion Chutney
$3.36 per person

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Peppers

Stuffed with aged Cheddar Cheese and served crispy
$3.64 per person

White Cheddar Sausage Rolls

Savory house made Sausage and fresh Herbs, wrapped in flaky
Puff Pastry and topped with a Grain Mustard Aioli
$2.80 per person

Pancetta Popover

Yorkshire Popover with Boursin Cheese and crispy Pancetta
$3.36 per person

Pulled Pork Arancini

Cheddar Risotto with a BBQ Pulled Pork center,
topped with Sweet BBQ Sauce
$3.64 per person

Pulled Pork Biscuit

Signature flaky Biscuit Slider, with BBQ Pulled Pork and Pickles
$4.76 per person

Micro Mac

Beef Slider with a house made Pickle, special Sauce on a Sesame Bun
$5.60 per person

Bahn Mai

Asian style Pork Belly with pickled Vegetables, Cucumber,
Cilantro, on House made Yeast Roll
$4.48 per person

Bacon Cheddar Slider

Classic Beef Slider with aged Cheddar and crispy
Bacon on House made Yeast Roll
$5.04 per person

Curried Lamb Slider

Curry Aioli and Cucumber served on Naan Bread
$5.88 per person

BLT Slider

Hothouse Roma Tomato, Pepper Bacon,
classic Mayo and Iceberg Rounds
$4.20 per person


Hong Kong Dim Sum

Crab Rangoons with Sweet Chili Sauce
Char Sui BBQ Pork Buns with Hoisin Sauce
Spicy Vegetable Potstickers with spicy Japanese dipping sauce
Sriracha Chicken Wontons with Lemongrass Orange Sauce
Tempura Shrimp with Wasabi Aioli
Green Papaya Salad
$15.68 per person

A Casual Gathering

Buffalo Chicken and Pesto Cream Cheese Tortilla Pinwheels
Domestic Cheese Display
Seasonal Crudité with Pink Peppercorn Ranch
Truffled French Onion Dip with Root Vegetable Chips
Seasonal Fruit Satays with Brown Sugar Crema
$15.68 per person

Chips and Dip Display

Flour and Corn Tortilla Chips, Pita Chips, Root Vegetable Chips, house
made Kettle Chips served with: Spicy Queso, Chipotle Salsa,Truffled
French Onion Dip,Roasted Garlic Hummus and Guacamole
$10.08 per person

Build Your Own Sliders

Guests create their own petite sandwiches
with the following options:
Angus Sliders with Pepperjack Cheese and caramelized Onion
Carolina style Pulled Pork
Petite meatballs with Asiago and spicy Marinara
The following Condiments for accenting:
Petite Buns, Jalapeno Aioli, House Made Bread and Butter Pickles,
Whole Grain Mustard, and Kettle Chips
$15.68 per person

A Taste of The Southwest

Petite Chicken Quesadilla Cornucopia with Chipotle Crema
Smoked Bison Queso served with house made Lime Tortilla Chips
Mini Pork and Green Chili Empanada with Cilantro Lime Crema
Mini Chili Rellenos with a Salsa Verde
Smokey Chipotle Meatballs
$16.80 per person

An Elegant Affair

Wild Salmon Cakes with Dill Aioli and Capers
Roasted Pear and Stilton Mousse in Phyllo
Bacon wrapped Beef Tenderloin served with Red Onion Chutney
Warm Spinach and Asiago Dip with crispy Baguette
Mission Fig and Italian Mascarpone in Phyllo delicately baked
$20.16 per person

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